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Volunteer – it Helps Your Community and You!

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This weekend I have the privilege of volunteering at the 23rd Annual Smithers Celebrity Golf Tournament. The proceeds this year are going to the Bulkley Valley Health Care and Hospital Foundation. I feel so uplifted by doing this I just had to write this post.


Through volunteering I am able to contribute to the quality of health care in my community and while doing so get to meet some very cool people.


During the event I will meet Aaron Prichett, Angus Reid, Bobbie Orr, Brandon Manning, Charlie Simmer, Dan Hamhuis Joe Watson, Dennis Kearns, Faber Drive, Garret Stroshein, Genevieve Lacasse, Harold Snepst, Jack McIlhargey Jamie McCartney, Jeff Carlson, Steve Carlson Dave Hanson (last 3 from the movie Snapshot) Jessica Campbell, Jim Cotter, Kaitlyn Harbst, Kerry Fraser, Mark Lofthouse, Rachelle Brown, Rebecca Johnson, Sebastian Clovis, Stan Ray, Steve Darling, Tessa Bonhomme and Todd Talbot.


Not all of my volunteering activities let me meet people like this, but when you volunteer you always get the personal satisfaction of helping a good cause.


Look for volunteering opportunities in your community and you will make a difference. There is never enough volunteers around, so go out there and help your community and yourself while doing so!