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How to be Affluent in 10 Easy Steps!

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Ok so maybe it’s not easy, but it can be done. I practice what I preach and can verify this really works!


So here are the steps you need to take:

1. Spend less than you make

2. Don’t be wasteful

3. Save aggressively

4. Never stop accumulating and growing wealth

5. Have a plan for your money and how to keep it

6. Take control of your debt

7. Understand how taxes can erode your wealth

8. Learn about and use the time value of money

9. Think on an intergenerational basis.

10. Protect what you have


Stick to it

By sticking to these 10 steps you can build wealth and gain affluence. For most people the first step may be the hardest, but it is just simple math, if you spend less than you make you will have money to invest. That is the bottom line! Step # 3 and #4 can be scary at times, but as long as the world does not end, you will be successful if you continue to invest in good and bad times. Remember when markets are down you are buying on sale and we all like sales.


Money is not evil

Some people minimize the importance of having money, we all see the articles or memes about this and how money is evil. But if you are affluent you can do so much good. You will be able to help your family, your community and/or church, as well as yourself. There is a lot of need out there by charitable organizations, supporting them can make a difference in your life and those that benefit from the charity. People like to say ‘they’ will do this or that, but in reality they are us. The more you have the more you can do, so plan for yourself and for helping others.


How much is enough

The amount you need is different for everyone; it really depends on your lifestyle. The process however is the same for everyone. So, if would like to attain financial independence and peace of mind talk to an advisor or contact me and I will be happy to help you. Please see my contact page to see how to contact me: