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Have you ever wondered what your retirement would look like? Do you dream of golfing, fishing, sitting on the beach, travelling the world? Sounds wonderful, but you need more, and I will tell you why.


Longer lives

It is no longer unusual for people to live well into their 80s, 90s, or even longer. This means you could have 30 or more years to spend in retirement. Think about it, 30 years playing, I know it sounds nice now but…


Why you need more

Having something to retire to is important because as human beings we need a sense of accomplishment and a feeling of satisfaction in a job well done. I have talked to many retirees who said that golfing or fishing or sitting on the beach, etc. got really ‘old’, believe or not they were getting bored with the fun stuff.


What to do?

You will need to build a new life structure that will challenge, motivate, and provide a feeling of being useful and a sense of satisfaction.

To help you with this think about:

How will I spend my time?
What do I really like to do?
What will keep me motivated?
Will my finances support my vision of retirement?
How will my family be affected?


Lifestyle planning

So, if people get bored with nothing meaningful to do, what can we do about it? Lifestyle planning is a crucial part of retirement planning. Lifestyle planning is an extension of financial planning, it simply means figuring out what you want to accomplish and then matching your resources to your goals. Or, if you are too close to retirement, lifestyle planning will help you get the most out of the resources you have. This can minimize the shock of realizing you don’t have enough saved to do what you want to do.  



In retirement you have a unique gift of time. You will have time to help your family, your community and yourself grow and be better. Working people often have real time constraints on them – work, family, projects around the home, etc. Think about what you could do to make a difference, leave a legacy of giving and caring!



See an advisor/planner that specializes in lifestyle planning, after all life is about more than just money. Having spent the last 12 years helping people just like you have a happy and productive retirement, I know this works. It is never too late or early to do this planning, so act now to ensure the lifestyle you want. If you have any questions my contact information can be found at .