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12 Reasons You May Need a Second Opinion

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Canadians tend to be really nice people (thankfully), but sometimes too nice. We don’t like to rock the boat. Sometimes though you need to think of yourself first and look after your own needs. Investing wisely is important, not because money is everything, but because your investments will affect your life now and in the future and even for generations to come. Your health and happiness can be affected by how well or how poorly you are doing or by how comfortable you feel with your professional partners.


Do you need a second opinion?

Over the years I have heard a number of reasons why a person should get a second opinion on not only their investments, but the plans and strategies in place for their future. Here are some signs you could use a second opinion: these are real life comments from people just like you:

  1. My advisor discusses my information in public
  2. My advisor likes golfing (or?) better than working
  3. I have not made any money in 10 years
  4. I don’t understand my investments
  5. My advisor never calls me
  6. I have not talked to my advisor in years
  7. I can’t understand what my advisor is trying to tell me
  8. My advisor talks down to me
  9. My advisor is too rushed
  10. My advisor is never available
  11. I don’t like my advisor
  12. I am not sure I can trust my advisor


Get that second opinion

There are many more I have heard and maybe you have something you could add to the list. I would add: my advisor only sells one company’s products. If you feel any of these apply to you, get that second opinion, it may be a bit of work, but will reward with a lifetime of feeling better about what you are doing. You should interview and research any new advisor, make sure you understand what they are saying AND what kind of person they are.


Everyone may need a second opinion

Unless you love your advisor and know she/he is doing an awesome job, I feel that everyone could have a second opinion. Then if comfortable talk to your current advisor about that second opinion. Sometimes there are reasons why you have what you have and someone else can ‘promise’ the moon, but not be able to deliver. The biggest thing though is you must feel your advisor has your back and really puts you first. The old saying walks the talk is important here.


I would love to help

I do have room for a few more clients, so if you would like a no obligation second opinion, please contact me at or call me at 250-847-4686. I will be happy to provide you with information on what you have and the strategies being used. This could take up to 10 hours of my time, but I feel it is worth it, even if you decide to stay where you are, you will perhaps have more peace of mind.