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If I Were You – I’d Want to be Me Too - What Pop Songs Can Teach Us About Life and Money #1

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Do you love yourself this much?


Most of us don’t, we always see our flaws, not our strong points. While I don’t think you should ‘in your face’ come across as I am better than you, you should love yourself and feel good about yourself.


So, what can you do?

First take a really close look at who you are,
Look around for people you respect,
Decide who you want to be,
Fine out what steps you need to take to get there, and
Be proud of your place in life


Take a Close Look at Who You Are

Everyone has great points, good points, average points, and sad but true – bad points. At this point examine your life and where you are. What do you like about yourself and what don’t you. You might think about asking someone you can trust for advice on this as we are our own worst enemy. Think about why you like your good points and why you dislike your bad. BTW, I am not talking about whether your nose is too big! I am talking about what makes you who you are. Are you a giving person, great mom, or successful business person? Do you procrastinate, eat the cake when you shouldn’t (this just creates guilt) or maybe you avoid getting involved when you should. Whatever your good or bad points are be realistic with your assessment.


Look Around for People You Respect

Years ago I was at a funeral and everyone was saying what a nice person she was. I thought to myself – I would hope people will say that about me. Another one is that I quit school in grade 11 and started having children, so little education and therefor had very poor paying jobs. I had a difficult time feeding my children sometimes, so I looked around and decided I would get an education and never be poor again, it was draining emotionally and physically. I could relate many more examples but find your own.


Decide Who You Want to Be

After looking around I wanted to be a ‘respected good citizen’ I know this sound a little corny and old-fashioned, but that is how I put it to myself. So, as I said I went back to school and I still am going to school. Found a great job that challenges me and allows me to help others. I can help others be successful financially and have enough to help my family and donate to charity. You really need to have a lifestyle that is fulfilling and satisfying


What Steps Do You Need to Take to Get There?

This is something that is very personal. After you decide who you would like to be, you can then google your points and ask others you respect for help. Everyone has a story that we can learn from. If on your journey you fall back and don’t succeed every day that is ok, forgive yourself and move on. If you keep at it you will become the person you want to be. Just keep in mind it never ends, you must always strive for more and better. Challenge yourself; you will be surprised at what you can accomplish.


Be Proud of Who You Are

As you move forward you will find times when you don’t think you are doing enough or feel you are not good enough. When that happens stop and say to yourself – look in the mirror if that helps – I am a good person, I am good enough, I will do this, or whatever statement works for you. Value your good points right from the beginning, just because you want to work on something, does not mean it is not great to start with. Your bad points – don’t dwell and depress yourself – if you work at it you will get better. Also, bottom line is NO ONE, does not have bad points – it is ok! Keep going and love yourself for all the right reasons, forgive yourself for your mistakes, they are part of who you are.


Now I know this was not all about money, but it is a subject that is important to me. I used to have very low self-esteem and hated who I was.


In my case becoming successful financially was important to me. Mostly, because of the satisfaction I get from knowing I will never be burden on others and I am able to help a lot more than I otherwise could have. So, if part of who you want to be is better off financially, let me help you with that. Ok there, it is a little bit about money, lol! Remember money does not buy happiness, but being poor is bad for your health – emotionally and physically!


Please check out my website, FB page or Linkedin profile to find out more about me, to see if you would be interested in my help. As this is the digital age, you don't need to live in Smithers to get my help!


I truly hope this was helpful and you can love yourself, if we all did, this would be a much better world!


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